Allari Naresh's Meda Mida Abbayi Movie Review!!

 Meda Mida Abbayi Movie Review
Movie: Meda Meeda Abbayi 
Director: G Prajith
Producer: Boppana Chandra Sekhar
Music Director: Shaan Rahman
Starring: Allari Naresh, Nikhila Vimal
When any hero is under tremendous pressure to deliver a hit, he looks to other languages for "inspiration" and blockbuster content. If it gets accepted in that area then they believe it can work here too. We see them trying to make an Xerox colour copy of the original with bigger budget. Some work and many don't as the nativity issue and also the adaptation of the nuances could be lost in the translation. Well, Allari Naresh is trying hard to deliver a hit at the box office and he tried to achieve that with the remake of Malayalam hit movie, Oru Vadakkan Selfie, Meda Mida Abbayi. Let's see how he fared in this ..
An young man, Srinu (Allari Naresh) doesn't have a goal in life or neither he is serious about it. He thinks everything comes easy and when his father tries to force him to sit at their grocery store, he runs off to Hyderabad in the hopes of becoming a director. In the train, he meets his neighbour Sindhu (Nikhila Vimal). He takes a selfie with her and sends it his friend Bandla Babji (Hyper Adi). 
As he returns back to his village, Athreyapuram after seven days of struggle in Hyderabad to become a filmmaker, he is mistaken for absconding with Sindhu to Hyderabad. Everyone on the village thinks they are in love, so he escapes from the village with his friend Babji, in search of Sindhu. What happens next and who is Yugandhar (Avasarala  Srinivas)? Why Sindhu left her home in the first place? You have to watch the film to know the answers ...
Allari Naresh tried to change his body language on screen in this movie. He mostly tried to copy Nivin Pauly but he looked odd. Nivin has a charm of his own and Naresh has his own. Had Naresh tried to stick to his usual high energy self, he might have a made a better impression here. In trying to look like a lazy guy on screen, he tried to underplay the character and it did not suit him much. 
Nikhila Vimal comes alive in the second half of the story but she doesn't do much rather than crying on screen. The agony of losing a lover and being cheated by some anonymous person is missing on her face even after she realises it. 
Avasarala Srinivas is just sleep walking here. The most hyped up Hyper Aadi full length doesn't work to the same effect as Aju Varghese's in the original. He relies more on his Jabardasth punches and they hold him well up to a point but when he seriously had to express and act, again he falls flat or tries to imitate Brahmanandam. Ali or Satyam Rajesh, who is given another role in the movie, could have done a better job may be than Adi. It's just an observation. 
In rest of the cast, Tulasi, Siva Reddy, Jaya Prakash leave an impression. 
The major highlight of this movie is eye-pleasing visuals canned by Kunjuni S. Kumar. He doesn't go beyond the realm of the story and that is a delight. It is one of the better works to have come out in our Industry in recent past. 
Nandamuri Hari's scissors try to cut the movie as it is cut by the Malayalam editor. With the same director being at the helm, all the flaws and even the shot cuts have been adapted the same and there is nothing here to write about the editor's work. 
Screenplay and story by Vineeth Srinivasan, worked in Malayalam because it tried to bring out the native North Kerala youth life style and the village atmosphere of the simpletons. But here rather than capturing that nuance, the makers tried to match it as a copy paste job and we can feel the drag as the punches and situational comedy doesn't work in favour of the movie. 
Music by Shaan Rahman is like he is just asked to re-create whatever he did for the original and the makers did not even bother to ask him to improve on the tunes or change it to be more in sync with Telugu nativity. Even though they are good, we don't really end up humming them. 
Direction by G. Prajit is very much like another copy and paste job rather than improving on his original or even trying to be different. It just looks like he did more because he needed the money and exposure rather than he really wanted to re-make his movie. His work with all the flaws from the original and then the somber pace narration, did not help the movie at all. 
To an extent Hyper Adi
Climax sequence 
Allari Naresh's forced performance 
Nikhila Vimal's lost looks 
Trying to just follow the original than trying to improve on it. 
Lack of proper logical explanation to the investigation drama 
Too many convenient twists to resolve the conflicts. 
The movie is made more in the hope of making a quick bug rather than trying to appreciate the original's simplicity. It hurts to see a hero like Allari Naresh trying to imitate another actor's work rather than trying his own version. This shows some lack of confidence on actor and even the team's part. Had they tried to tighten the loose hands and adapted it to reflect Telugu culture and nativity, the movie might have been a slice of life comic investigative drama that delivers an important message. Alas, all the ifs and but(s) never make up for a good theatrical experience. This Meda Mida Abbayi doesn't deserve your friendly visit. 

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