Ammayilu Arogyaniki Haanikaram: Why apologies after two days?

Just one insensitive comment by senior actor Chalapathi Rao robbed "Veduka" (Celebrations) from Rarandoi Veduka Chuddam. Now, the unit is trying everything it can to wriggle out of a very difficult situation. It is trying damage control in every conceivable way.
But, the people are asking as to why neither Nagarjuna, nor Naga Chaitanya, not even Rakulpreet Sing objected to Chalapathi Rao's comments immediately. Why they took nearly two days to react? Nag and Rakul did come out with a tweet on the second day. Why this delay?
Netizens are slamming anchor Ravi, who exulted Super Sir when Chalapathi Rao made this comment. Now, Ravi says he did not hear what Chalapathi Rao said and in the confusion, he said ''SuperSir.' He now says he respects women and he has mother and sister. If that is so, what about the bawdy jokes and lewd acts in your TV shows Ravi?

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