Balayya beats, NTR treats

Most heroes pander to their fans. They bear with their excessive love that borders on craze. But, Balayya Babu is different. He thrashes his fans and he feels they are crossing the limits. Balayya has done it time and again. People like Puri Jagannadh have eulogized this and said fans want to get slapped by Balayya.
But, NTR seems to be thinking otherwise. He wants to win over Nandamuri fans with love and hugs. This was visible in abundance at the Jai Lava Kusa event. NTR wants to do what Balayya can never possibly do. He wants to be courteous to the fan. At the function, he repeatedly praised the fans. Industry sources say that this is NTR’s way of getting one up on Balayya.
NTR is trying to get across the message that while Balayya beats, NTR treats the fans. If the former is brashness personified, the latter is love and affection personified. That perhaps is NTR’s strategy.

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