Dil Raju's Vellipomakey Movie Review!!

Director : Ali Mohammad
Producer : K V Raghava Reddy, Balaraju Puri, Ali Mohammad
Music Director : Prashanth R Vihari
Starring :Vishwak Sen , Supraja, Nithyasree Reddy
Few films make an impression and few try hard to do so. While some show off the effort and we consider that, some appear to be trying so hard that you feel like stopping the makers and asking them what is this really? This movie, Vellipomakey directed by Ali Mohammad feels like the film that belongs to the second category. The movie that finished production and post production long time back saw  theatrical release finally, this Saturday. Dil Raju bought the movie and released it after the makers failed to find a suitable distributor to release the movie on their own. Let's see what it is all about .. 
Chandu (Vishwak Sen) is a shy person and quite slow too. He is very good at his work and his bosses praise him as one of the best animators around. He is happy with that and doesn't really look to build on the reputation or improve his skills further. He is always depressed with lack all any romance in his life. An young rookie, Shruthi ( Supriya) enters his office and as she is new, she tries to make him her friend. 
Not understanding her intentions completely, Chandu makes a move and she turns him down. Unhappy with the lack of any progress in his love life, he fails to even sleep at nights. One night in a chat over Facebook, Shwetha (Nitya Sree) meets him and they enter into a romantic relationship. How it ends and what happens next is the story of the movie. 
Vishwak Sen  has a good screen presence and his acting capabilities are quite strong too. But he lacks to have a strong skill in raising above the script and that harms this movie. Director depends on us to connect with the actor and his character. As it is too uni-dimensional and his performance even though good enough doesn't inspire a connection we end up being irritated by the end of the film. He has good potential and may be in some other character he could shine better. 
Nitya Sree as Shwetha is good when she shows signs of depression. She plays the girl who is completely flawed and going through mental disturbance due to her past relationship really well. Once again the writing for her character also disappoints. Supriya as Shruthi is good and she can shine even better in second lead roles. 
All other actors also give believable performs but nothing stand out in a movie that doesn't dig in to the psyche of the characters much more than just sailing through the surface. 
Yakub Ali Mohammad tries to tell a classic story of a tragedy in a young man's life with his movie, Vellipomakey. He tries to use detailing has his weapon to showcase the character traits of Chandu and there in establishing him as a character, the director succeeds. But his writing, even though has a feel of every day and slice of life, it doesn't manage to lift about that. it keeps the characters at a surface level and hints at various things like the relationship being shallow and also, how love in this day and age is more about shallow things than the real emotions. 
If someone shows a little effort to meet you, you end up spending more time with them neglecting your career and ultimate goal in the life. The director wants to represent the moral ambiguity in such relationships but his stance seems to be too distant. He neither gives the characters too refreshing attributes nor does he make it look even more realistic and energetic. 
The pace harms the film more than the budget. Camera work is decent but it seems like the director had an idea of how to make and present a film but not that good at sustaining the momentum. He wants you to invest in Chandu and also connect to him, but he fails in giving him that connectible traits that we normally find amongst us. He need not be highly talented, highly awkward but he can be more lively even though he is slow and boring. 
As a director, he needed to induce so much more life and meaning into the proceedings but he just leaves the things as they are and asks to imagine more. The lack of a strong bond with the main character acts against the movie, which otherwise has many things in execution going for it. 
Prashanth R. Vihari's score is good but not in sync with the entire story and scenes. He comes up with decent tunes and classical instrumentation but that doesn't dwell with the scenes quite right. 
Performances of the cast. 
Slice of life type story
Sluggish narration
Uninspiring writing
Lack of emotional connection
Trying to establish same point in repetitive scenes
Narrating the high concepts at a surface level than going into the depth. 
Telugu Cinema is at a time where young filmmakers are trying to find their voice. At times, we are finding those who understand the movie much better than others but these makers fail completely translate their thoughts on screen. Hence, even though they execute well enough we can't really back their films. A film tends to become a personal emotion not just for the makers for the viewers and this movie fails to make a connection. Well, this is more of a TV movie and if you time at your behest, you can try this out. 

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