Koratala Siva Angry With This Senior Actor!

Koratala siva
The reports from Telugu Cinema circles have suggested that Koratala Siva, who is known to be a friendly and easy-going man has been highly angered by the veteran actor, Prakash Raj on the sets of his new movie, Bharat Ane Nenu, starring Mahesh Babu and Kyra Advani. 
The movie is being canned at a fast pace and Koratala Siva wants to release the movie for Sankranthi as announced by the producers at any cost. So, the schedules have been planned accordingly and the makers are expecting every actor to adhere to them. 
Prakash Raj, being himself did not adhere to them and he has been arriving late to the sets and at times, he did not even show up to the shooting. Due to this, Koratala had to cancel the shoot many times and he is seriously thinking about replacing the actor. 
The actor has been warned for such behaviour previously and still the actor did not learn from his past mistakes, the reports claimed. 

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