Lakshmi Rai speaks on casting couch again

Weinstein sage is shaking Hollywood. Heroine after heroine is coming out into the open talking about the sexcapades of this monster of a producer. His casting  couch is now out in the open. But, it had its unlikely side effect. Indian heroines too are talking about casting couch now. The heroines, who initially wrote about it on social media, are now coming out into the open and are talking about it to the media.
Heroine Lakshmi Rai, who is promoting her Julie 2, has gone very bold talking about casting couch. She says no producer directly asks the heroine to sleep with him or have sex with him. They have their own ways to do it and they do have their way with the heroine. Most producers succeed in getting the heroines on to her bed, she says.
But, we do know that Lakshmi Rai has chosen the right time to broach the subject. This is helping in giving traction to her film.

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