This lucky producer pockets cool Rs 25 cr

Save one flop, Dil Raju has struck gold with every film that he made so far this year. His Shatamanam Bhavati and Nenu Local rained money on him. Only Namo Venkatesaya didn’t exactly set the cash registers ringing.
Now, his latest offering DJ is believed to be giving a whopping Rs 25 crore profit. If sources are to be believed, all areas except NIzam, Krishna and Vizag have been sold out. East Godavari has been given to Bunny. While exact figures are yet to be out, we are told that Dil Raju will end up with Rs 25 crores in his kitty.
Dil Raju made the film in a very economical manner and did not splurge unnecessarily. He is known to be very calculative on money matters. Bunny’s current market is around Rs 70 crore. So, by any estimate, the profit is said to be around Rs 25 crore. 

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