Naga Chaitanya's Yuddham Sharanam Movie Review!!

Naga Chaitanya's Yuddham Sharanam Movie Review
Director : Krishna Marimuthu
Producer : Sai Korrapati, Rajani Korrapati
Music Director : Vivek Sagar
Starring : Naga Chaitanya, Lavanya Tripathi, Srikanth
Any major film with a debutant director at the helm, unintentionally looks highly fresh as the youngster or the highly experienced junior will hard to prove himself. Krishna Marimuthu here had everything on the platter. A good director, a box office hero and a sizable cast who can perform, with all the things going in his favour did he deliver a good film? He promised a fresh take on a old storyline in the trailers.. Did he manage to stand on them? Let's see ..
Arjun (Naga Chaitanya) has a happy family with socially active parents Murali Krishna (Rao Ramesh) and Seetha Lakshmi (Revathi). But they go missing one night and he starts searching for them frantically. On the other hand, J.D. Sastry (Murali Sharma), a slightly twisted NIA chief, starts investigation of the twin blasts happened three days ago in the city. 
Nayak (Srikanth), a hired crook master is connected to both the issues and Arjun has to chase now. As he tries to unfold the mystery one after the other, his 25 years of life with his loving parents and sisters appear as flashes in front of him while his lady love, Anjali (Lavanya Tripathi) tries to be his backbone through out. How he solves the mysteries connected to his family and how he helps to nab the master-mind? You have to watch it on screen ...
Naga Chaitanya in this movie tried to shed off his romantic hero image and tried to be more in the lines of a person who is fit to be Gautham Menon's action hero. But his histrionics doesn't suit the character perfectly. He still needs some work on his expressions when trying to portray the intensity on screen. Lowering the shoulders and broadening the eyes doesn't make up for intensity. He has been improving ever since his Premam performance with each film and hope he tries to work on this too. 
Lavanya Tripathi is just used as an eye-candy here. As the hero needed to have some love interest she has been cast in the movie. Srikanth dons a negative role in this movie. Sadly, the seasoned actor had a character and presence but did not have enough meat to carry the role. 
Revathi and Rao Ramesh prove their experience as they manage to live up the screen even in routine roles. Murali Sharma does his job well. All others are adequate in their roles. 
Niketh, the cinematographer does have the strong basic knowledge of camera and shot division but one has to club his ambition. He tries many things and even editor couldn't make a sense of it. As he took to many shots editor too tried to use all the cool ones and the action looks completely inaffective on screen due to this. 
David and Abburi Ravi helped the young director to write the screenplay and the story of the film. But they could not iron out the Tamil film feel from the movie as the dialogues majorly look like they have been translated from Tamil. Even the "new-age" screenplay of parallel story telling too feels old-fashioned in the way they have executed. 
Vivek Sagar is a good music composer but he needs to understand using some inspired tracks from old movies doesn't really help set the mood. His BG score is highly inspired by Hans Zimmer classics and also the songs are highly ineffective. 
Krishna Marimuthu falls into the traps of creating a cool looking old movie with new style presentation. Well, the age of that formula being a success has been done and dusted. You have to come up with new characterisations and give a fresh spin to the proceedings as these storylines have become so routine that just with the first frame of the movie, audience are able to guess the last one. So, directors does need to pull up their socks and should look to try new stories rather than new screenplays. 
Naga Chaitanya
One action sequence before interval. 
Lack of cohesive screenplay 
Too somber narration 
Uninspiring punchlines
Routine characterisations 
Ineffective Back Ground score. 
The movie needed to have the pep and energy of an young team and also the fresh take on the routine storyline heavily inspired from Ghayal, Lakshyam. Aa it lacks in the energy department and the action sequences have been in a somber fashion trying to be new, the emotions in the movie just appear too forced and we leave the theatres by not being either thrilled or entertained by the proceedings. A highly routine film that won't make much difference for you if watch it or not. 

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