Is Nithiin in love with Megha Akash??

Nithin Megha Akash
Gossip mongers in our Industry are always busy checking out who is dating whom and we can't really say it is their fault as well. They have a great eye to catch on the early signs and many times they have proved to be right too. 
So, we do tend to take their word and even though we don't say it as a matter of fact, we do look for some more signs from our side to be completely aware of the situation. Coming to the actual point, Nithiin is one of the good-boy heroes in the Film Industry, who is not in love with any heroine and neither has been said to be dating anyone too. 
But the actor seems to have finally, caught up with the romantic bug. The actor has for the first time met the actress, Megha Akash through Gautam Menon and then cast her in his movie, LIE. The movie did not do well, but she got another opportunity to work with him and that too in a movie produced by his idols, Pawan Kalyan and Trivikram Srinivas. 
There are also few signs that indicate the actor and actress being in deep love as they have been seen outside going for dinners during the USA schedule as per the rumours. So many are indicating that this could be the next adorable couple of Tollywood! Let's wait and see, as many such news have turned to be true but in the end, if actors break up, they just claim to be false and fake reports! 

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