Only one guest in Nayan’s B’day Bash, guess who?

Hot actress Nayanathara threw a lavish birthday bash and had just one person on her guest list. No marks for guessing! It’s her beau director Vignesh. He was the lone guest and he wished her on her birthday as only he could. But, how did the world get to know about this cozy party? Vignesh himself tweeted a pic on his social media accounts.
He posted a pick titled ‘Birthday Bash With Nayan.’ This pic now adorns his account as the feature pic. What more, the party began only after he wished her. Recently, Nayan celebrated Vighesh’ birthday in style by going all the way to Los Angeles in the US.
We know for long that they were an item. The only difference now is that both no longer wants to keep the relationship under wraps.

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