Paritala wants two seats for family, others say No

Paritala Family
That Paritala Sunitha wants her son Paritala Sriram to make a political debut is well known. In fact, there was a talk that she was eyeing Dharmavaram constituency for her son. However, the sitting MLA Varadapuram Suri strongly resisted and differences cropped up between Sunitha and Suri.
But, the latest we are hearing is that Paritala Sunitha wants her son to contest from Rapthadu, the constituency that she is representing now. She is planning to shift to Penugonda, which used to be her husband Paritala Ravi's burrough. Parthasarathi is the present MLA of Penugonda.
Recently, Paritala Sunitha had even held an extended meeting of the mandal level elected people's representatives and TDP leaders from Penugonda. Parthasarathi did not take it kindly. Meanwhile, anti Paritala leaders from across the district are rallying behind Parthasarathi.
Last heard, the issue has gone to the table of party chief Chandrababu Naidu!!

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