Ram Charan dabbles in politics (for Rangasthalam)

Ram Charan
We do know that Ram Charan has set aside his image for Rangasthalam 1985, where he would be seen as a rustic rural youth. But, here’s an interesting nugget of info from Rangasthalam.
The film will have scenes with political overtones and panchayat politics will be in full display in the film. If the buzz is to be believed, Cherry will influence the village politics. This means Rangasthalam will be like no other film that Sukumar did. But then, Suku did not change one thing.
That is his taking of love scens. They are going to be typically Sukumar and characteristically heart touching. If the buzz is to be believed, the love between Cherry and Samantha would be shown in a very different manner and would be very heart touching.
The unit is planning to complete the shooting by December and then go for post-production works. The film is likely to be released either end of February or beginning of March.

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