This star wife is no less than a heroine

Shweta Ravuri
Star wives are an invisible community in Tollywood. The heroes hog all the limelight where as the better halves keep a low profile. Wives of NTR, ANR and others were never seen in public. But, of late some star wives are coming out into the public domain. For instance, Upasana Kamineni is active on social media, while Allu Arjun's wife accompanies him to several functions.
But, here is one film star wife who has become an international celebrity. Shweta Ravuri is the wife of character artiste Ajay. Shweta has recently lost 30 kgs and has participated in the Mrs India contest. Though she couldn't emerge a winner, she managed to steal quite a few hearts. She is now being billed as the hottest star wife.
Many people are now offering her roles in films just as Shahid Kapoor's wife Meera Rajput is getting offers in Bollywood. Will Shweta accept the offers?

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