Why Naidu dropped Lokesh from US delegation?

Lokesh slipped, not his tounge but an official trip to U SA. In fact his name was not there in initial/first list of the 15 member delegation announced earlier, later it was included, but dropped again in the last minute. Nobody knows the exact reason behind so many shifts and turns in IT Minister’s proposed maiden official visit to a foreign country. But lot of speculation is going on in social media.

Meanwhile, a reliable source in the ruling party told, “There were many reasons, but some senior leaders advice prompted the CM to take a final call”. According to the sources seniors reportedly advised Naidu not to take the risk, at this point of time, as the political situation is very fluid.
The last month cabinet expansion has derailed the discipline in the party and the dust it created is not yet settled despite Chandrababu Naidu’s efforts. Of course, he had silenced most of the disgusted leaders by using all the tricks in the book (appeasement to aggressive stand).But the ‘silence’ is described in the party circles as ‘silence before storm’. So, Naidu felt it is not safe to leave the ground to dissidents to organise revolt in the absence of father son duo.
Meanwhile, the intelligence inputs too, according to sources, described the situation as fluid and ready to burst any time. 
So the Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu finally decided to drop IT Minister from the delegation to keep vigil on the dissident’s activities. However, despite Lokesh vigil on dissident activity, some leaders according to sources have decided to use the opportunity to strike back.  

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