Will this comedian fight elections?

Hyper Aadi
Small screen standup comedian Hyper Aadi is a huge hit. There's a story doing rounds about him. It is being said that he would fight the coming elections on YSRCP ticket. The reason for this story is that in a recent Jabardast Show, he praised judge Roja, who is also a YSRCP MLA, to sky high. He said as an opposition MLA, she is giving sleepless nights to the ruling party and is exposing the ruling dispensations misdeeds. This made people believe that he is veering towards the YSRCP.
Aadi is from Ongole. So, the rumour mills churned out stories that he would contest from the district. It was also said that he was praising Roja only to get party ticket. But, now it turns out that Aadi himself has categorically said that he has no interest in joining politics. He says he doesn't believe in politics.
But, looking at his faith and respect towards Roja, one does get a feeling that Aadi might take a plunge in the future.

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