Will this comedian-turned-hero make a U turn?

 comedian turned-hero
Comedians graduate into heroes soon after making their mark. But, soon, their steam runs out and they end up as duds. This has happened to many comedians and has happened to this comedian-turned-hero too. He was an ace comedian, who used to command Rs 5 lakh per day. He then turned into a hero. Initially, his films did well, but soon, the fizz was out. He wanted to do action hero roles and the audience were still to get over his commercial acts. As a result, his films began flopping one after another.
Now, this comedian-turned-hero has realised that he had erred in shifting completely to the action and in leaving the comedy tracks. He confided this to some of his friends too. Now, he is planning to make a comedy film, which will have four currently popular comedians and he too will do comedy.
Will this U turn work for him? Let's wait and watch!!

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