YS Jagan planning major political offensive through padayatra

YS Jagan
The YSRCP has begun the exercise of planning for YS Jagan's upcoming Padayatra. The nature, the issues to be raised and the area sto be covered, the places to be targeted and other issues are being hotly discussed. YS Jagan himself is studying the reports procured from various quarters. YS Jagan reportedly wants to focus on TDP strongholds as he feels that they should be broken first to create a wave in favour of the YSRCP.
The chief aims of the yatra are - getting closer to the people, preparing party machinery for the election and strengthening the party where it is weak. As part of the strategy, YS Jagan has identified constituencies that have continuously been returning the TDP. According to reports, the TDP is quite strong in 49 constituencies and there are 16 constituencies, where the tDP had won seven times running. In 28 others, it has won six times. YS Jagan and his machinery are trying to understand the TDP's strengths and YSRCP's weaknesses in these constituencies.
The party is also planning a massive membership drive and is working to bring all party lovers under one roof.

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