Did Ali and Pawan fall out?

Updated By VankayaMon, 03/19/2018 - 10:31
Ali and Pawan

For far too long, there have been rumours about Ali-Pawan Kalyan spat. Normally,Ali is a permanent fixture in eveyr Pawan Kalyan film. But, he was not seen in Agnyaathavaasi. This gave rise to lot of whispering in the industry about their ‘falling out.’’

A prominent new paper asked Ali about it. Ali, known for his gift of the gab and comic timing, refuted the rumours by quipping: “Yes. We did fight. We fought over Ivanka Trump.” After the hint of sarcasm sank in, he told the newpaper that he is among Pawan’s best buddies and their friendship began much before Pawan joined the films. He then quipped: I am going to ask Pawan when I meet him next time about the spat.” 

 He was also asked about his joining Jana Sena. But, the clever man that Ali is, he evaded a direct reply.

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