Ram Charan's Rangasthalam Trailer Review

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Rangasthalam Trailer Review

Ram Charan Tej has been doing one kind of films mostly after Magadheera. He did try different stories from his routine films but they did not connect well except for Dhruva.

After shooting for almost one year, he is now ready to chat with us like Sound Engineer Sitti Babu, from Rangasthalam. This is the real different film from Ram Charan after a long gap. 

This time Sukumar, the writer and director tried to take the 80's communist ideals rise that caused for a naxal revolt in Andhra Pradesh during the time, as the main theme, even though the story doesn't showcase anyone turning into naxalites.

The film looks to bring back the old days of Telugu Commercial cinema of 1980's where the revolution of economically backward people against Feudal Lords is a major theme in many movies.

Ram Charan Tej is looking really good and all the important characters seem to have been given to the right actors.  Samantha also looking pretty in a complete de-glam avatar.

While everything looks good, Sukumar's old enemies of creating a huge hype and then faltering in the main film seems to be still intact. Few shots here and there, do show that there is a chance. Well, we are not being a buzz kill but this movie definitely deserves a viewing from all of Telugu Cinema lovers. 

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