TDP set to back YSRCP on no confidence motion

Updated By VankayaThu, 03/15/2018 - 20:22
TDP set to back YSRCP on no confidence motion

In what could be a major decision, the Telugu Desam Party could decide to support the No Confidence Motion being put forward by its bête noire YSRCP. The TDP, which does not want the YSRCP to walk away with the credit of putting the BJP on the mat, has held day long parleys on the issue. It is likely to vote in favor of the motion even if it is put forward by the YSRCP.

The Chief Minister held discussions with ministers and senior leader in his chambers on Thursday and discussed on how to handle the issue so that the credit should not go to the YSRCP. Most TDP leaders felt that YSRCP was trying to corner the TDP by bringing the no confidence motion.

Chandrababu feels that the YSRCP was colluding with the BJP to corner the TDP and the best way to counter it is to support the motion.

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