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For most actors making decent earnings, real estate is the biggest lure. It, in fact, is their favoured investment destination. Many heroes or celebrities buy real estate swathes just outside Hyderabad and build palatial farm houses.

Tollywood is abuzz with the talk of the US sex racket involving several heroines from the industry. The names of several heroines and anchors are tumbling out. Some anchors and heroines have also been questioned.

The US sex racket is causing tremors in the Tollywood. After Chicago couple  Moduguudi Kishan and Chandrakala were arrested, several names of the heroines and even popular anchors are tumbing out. This has become a headache for the industry as well as TV channels.

The Tollywood sex scandal with roots in the US is now causing tremors in the film world. The news that actress Mehreen Kaur, who was in the US to meet her parents, was questioned for over half-and-hour. 

She hasn’t done many films, but is the talk of the town. For the past few months, she has been making news with her acts and allegations. One slip of the tongue had done her in and she has lost the news worthiness.

These days we see many posting their videos and selfies post work out or during workout to inspire others. There is no exception for who will be posting these videos. 

He is a famed distributor in Tollywod. He takes care of the distribution in one of the key areas of the Telugu states. The area has four districts, which are known for their film crazed audience.

He recently gave a young character artiste chance in his second movie. The role got lot of recognition. Now, she is part of his third project too. But, what is interesting is that he is seen with the young character artiste even when there is no shooting.

His hero’s ambitions have ruined this young and upcoming director. This director had given two back-to-back hits and was the rising star of the industry. A young hero with a zooming career graph roped him in for his next film. It was to be a hit combo.

Sivaji Raja, president of Movie Artists Association, MAA in his angry speech at Sri Reddy issue, pressmeet, said that they get lot of complaints and they even made one big director to touch the feet of an actress.