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Tollywood has several love pairs. Many of them broke up somewhere along the journey, but many more managed to their their relation to a logical conclusion.

Little birdies in Tollywood gossip section have been chirping about this young couple who acted in a not so successful romantic film, relentlessly.

He is a senior actor. Once an in-demand hero, he today is getting ready even to do negative roles. Age has robbed him of his craze and following. Yet, he continues to be very active on social media. In fact, he is hyper active.

In Telugu Film Industry, the actors and actresses can get attracted to each other and there is no real problem in this. But the gossip mongers, just spread the gossip on each and every attractive couple that moves close with each other. 

Namratha having problems with Spyder. Her complaint is that director Murugadoss is focusing more on the Tamil version and is ignoring the Telugu version. In fact, it is the Telugu version that will be the mainstay as Mahesh is a Telugu super star.

Having a manager to take care of your dates and appointments can be a dicey thing. This top tollywood heroine has learnt it the hard way. She has appointed a famous manager to take care of her dates. The manager is also managing the dates of other heroins also.

This new heroine is already famous in Kollywood, but forayed into Telugu industry out of sheer love. 

Though she has some really good offers in Tamil, she felt working in Telugu was more interesting. Luckily for her, she got a break in the film that stars a crazy hero. 

Usually, it is the director who chooses the heroine. But, in Tollywood, the story is different. The heroes decide who they want to work with. Recently a big name has begun a project with a top hero.

Nizam area is key to the collections of any film. In fact, Nizam area decides the success or failure of a movie. Interestingly, a major portion of the collections come from Hyderabad and its surroundings. But, in the BC and C centres, the collections are not that significant.

This story is about a young hero from the Mega compound, who had tasted his first big hit after a string of failures. His stock has suddenly gone up and producers are queuing up to sign him. The film is doing very well in Nizam and the craze hasn't gone down though it's already three weeks.