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Bharat Ane Nenu, movie starring Mahesh Babu and Kiara Advani in the direction of Siva Koratala released on 20th April. The movie gained a huge positive feedback from audience who have watched it and the word-of-mouth from Overseas and local markets is too good. 

Till an year back, Nandamuri hero Kalyan Ram is known for intense action films. But, looks like he changed his route and started doing family and romantic films. Also, he used to make films at a slow pace. But, he is coming up with back-to-back films now.

Yes, we are talking about Kiara Advani who is the female lead in Mahesh’s ‘Bharat Ane Nenu’. As we know, Mahesh will be playing the role of ‘CM Bharat Ram’ in the film and Kiara will be his love interest.

Natural actor Nani has been in great form since the past few years. All his films turned out to be successful despite some films bagging an average talk. But his recent outing ‘Krishna Arjuna Yuddham’ is proving to be a break in Nani’s success run.

Koratala Siva has found a formula that suites him very well. He establishes the problem and characters in the first half, then, in the second half, he uses the well established characters and situations to make a commercial meal for fans and common viewers.

Allu Aravind reacted to RGV's confession in an emotional way in a pressmeet. He said, 

Actress Sri Reddy came out and made huge noise about Telugu Cinema Industry's dark secrets and casting couch. She was able to gain attention and get some sympathy but missed out on an opportunity to make it into a big movement. 

L’affire Sri Reddy took a new turn on Wednesday. Things seem to be going against her. First came her usage of cuss words for Pawan Kalyan. This led to her complete isolation. Now, another budding starlet leveled startling allegations against Sri Reddy.

Sandeep Reddy Vanga has created sensation with his brazen, angry and lovelorn hero of ‘Arjun Reddy.’ The industry sat up and took notice of this new kid on the block. He will now direct prince Mahesh Babu.

With the Bigg Boss Season 2 round the corner, a search is on for the participants who can get TRPs. The contestants are very important for the success of the show.