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Karthi has been doing very urban oriented movies from a long time. After a long gap, he decided to take up rural mass subject and act in it in his own style. On top of it, the movie is presented and produce by Suriya, his brother. Let's discuss about the movie further 

Nature is the true witness for anything that happens around us. Not just living but non-living things too can become witnesses to a story. A bike called, RX-100 becomes witness of a love lust story of two youngsters who are driven sexually and emotionally, in respect to their feelings.

Classics and memories just happen by accident, they cannot be planned. This is the common belief in artistic circles and film world. Yes, it is true. You cannot construct everything perfectly but then no classic can also be called a perfect film.

We have been witnessing director Karunakaran's love stories from past 22 years, even since he burst on to the scene with Tholiprema. He tried to change a bit overtime but then continued to craft young love stories with different heroes.

Gopichand, one of the few action heroes of Telugu Cinema, completed 25 films in his career with Pantham. First of all, we congratulate him for this feet and hope, he will entertain audience better and for many more years to come. 


Few comedians turned into lead actors after gaining lot of name and fame with years of hard work. These days as you can gain social media fame and become popular within no time, many think they are popular enough to bring an opening.

Tharun Bhascker, the young director made a highly sensational debut with Pelli Choopulu and many youngsters connected with his style. Most of them, are expecting a lot from his next film.

Space movies are rare even in Hollywood. We don't see more people trying to save earth from asteroids, meteroids or other unidentified flying objects in every other film. They are rare because they appeal to a crowd who are gung-ho about physics and astronomy than love and emotions.

There are many comedies and serious films that talk about gender swap trying to make a woman think like man in his body and vice versa. The most popular comedy in Telugu and also now revered as a cult classic, is Jamba Lakidi Pamba.

When films try to portray characters from Film Industry, they tend to go the cliched route of throwing some puns and satires on the famous characters. This film too tends to go the same route for comedy and even the scenes that involve the main characters don't really come out of the clichés.