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It is quite regular to see remakes of hit movies or niche movies from one language to another. U-Turn is the new movie of Samantha Akkineni which is directed by the same person who helmed Kannada original, Pawan Kumar. Let's discuss how the movie is....


Maruthi Dasari has established himself as a good commercial director and he made films that are revered by one and all. But the director seems to be falling prey for his own formulaic writing in his previous films.

After a long time, Sunil decided to make a comeback as a comedian and Allari Naresh is also trying to find a good hit. They decided to join hands with a director like Bheemineni Srinivasa Rao and he is known for his comedy timing in films like Subhakanshalu, Sudigadu, Sushwagatham and many more.

Few movies come and ago, few movies stay with us longer than we expect them to. Some come up with life lessons and some just present life as is. Some make us fans of a star and some make appreciate an effort.

When you're pushed to the limits and you have to do something to get out of the situation, you think about all possible ways to escape and survive. Similarly, Kokila had to undergo a situation that pushed her to the limit and she survived it despite all the odds going against her. How, you say?

Short Film directors are good at presenting a scene but they do suffer in handling the longer runtime. At times, the passion they show in presenting a scene doesn't really translate on screen completely. Even Jayashankar, Paper Boy director is said to be a Short Film director, before.

After Chalo, Naga Shourya produced another comedy film on his IRA Creations in the direction of Srinivas Chakravarthy, @Narthanasala. Let's see how the film is ... 


Thriller films, mainly crime thrillers need to have a good beginning and an ending that is satisfactory. In Baazigar, SRK gave an iconic performance for sure but he had the support of the script too. Can Nara Rohit lift his game up with this film? Let's find out .. 

Specially abled people don't look for any person's kindness or do they wish for people to be extra caring towards them. All they wish for is love and when they think they found it, they feel really happy and out of the world. But what if the love turns out to be a lie?

Movies are all about enjoying ourselves by forgetting all the routine memories that bring us down for two to three hours. Not every movie needs to be like that and entertainment or enjoying ourselves doesn’t just mean that we need to laugh out loud.